Quality Appraisal of Reliability Studies (QAREL)

The QAREL Checklist was developed to aid the critical appraisal of the quality of studies of reliability.

The checklist was developed primarily for use in the preparation of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses of the reliability of diagnostic tests, and contains 11 items that assess criteria that are essential for the quality of a study of reliability.  QAREL may also be used by researchers to guide the design of primary studies of reliability.

In addition to the QAREL Checklist, we developed a Data Extraction Form that reviewers can use for the detailed assessment of a study of reliability.  The data extraction form consists of 23 fields, each of which relate to a specific Item on the QAREL Checklist.  By using this data extraction form, reviewers can complete an independent quality assessment of individual studies, and then map their findings to the QAREL Checklist for overall evaluation of the quality of the studies.

QAREL was published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology and the full PDF version is available for those with appropriate access.  Please click this link to access this article at the official Journal site.  Alternatively, the full contents of article is available on this website.

Click here to access the full article on QAREL, including instructions for use.